TricoMax™ Hair Maximizer Non-Tinted

An advanced serum clinically proven to promote hair growth.

For all ethnicities and hair types


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Welcome to TricoMax™ Hair Maximizer Non-Tinted : an advanced serum to enhance the natural beauty of textured hair. We know how important healthy, full-bodied hair is, so we’re here with a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Our proprietary Formula with ALPHA VARIN™ Complex combats visible signs of hair loss and helps reduce inflammation so you can enjoy the luscious locks you deserve.

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Our Positively Charged + technology ensures bubbles of hydration that penetrate even the finest hairs, binding the emollient oils to bring it back to life. Plus, Pure Refined Emu Oil acts as a coat of armor – thicken, condition and moisturize while also strengthening fragile strands and making them more elastic. TricoMax™ Hair Maximizer Non-Tinted can be used by both men and women to deal with different forms of hair loss – whether age-related or medical and assure safe long-term results. With our 2nd Generation Hair Maximizer you can expect amazing changes every day – thicker looking locks, boosted volume and growth combined with reduced scalp irritation & breakage damage. Plus, it doesn’t interfere with color treatments, so feel free to keep up your look bold look! And best yet: there are no dangerous toxins or hormones in our product lineup; cruelty-free!

Time to show off those shiny tresses that you definitely deserve! With our unique formula enriched with ALPHA VARIN™ Complex, we give you more than just an ordinary product – we offer you stronger, more resilient hair that looks stunningly beautiful! So why wait?

Get your bottle of TricoMax™ Hair Maximizer Non-Tinted now and let’s make waves together!

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ALPHA VARIN Complex is a potent hemp extract that combined with other proprietary ingredients helps reduce inflammation, bring damaged hair back to health and promote hair growth.

Pure Refined Emu Oil helps thicken, condition and moisturize.

For maximum effectiveness, TricoMax is also Positively Charged + to bind to fine hairs.

Safe for everyday use.  No known toxins or hormones. Cruelty-free.

What to expect?

What to expect?

With regular use you can expect the following exciting results:

  • Conceals the appearance of thinning hair
  • Promotes hair growth & healthy scalp
  • Increases elasticity & prevents breakage
  • Reduces scalp inflammation
  • Can be used on color-treated hair
  • Works for both men and women
Studies and Recommendations

Studies and Recommendations


Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH:  Master of Public Health, Harvard University. Leading researcher into medicinal benefits of cannabis.

John Satino:Research principal for FDA-approved hair-loss options: Rogaine, Propecia, and laser light therapy.

CLINICAL STUDIES document that Alpha-Varin, a potent extract from CBD hemp oil, treats low grade inflammation, a major cause of some forms of hair loss

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