Tricomax™ Revitalizing Shampoo with Pure Hemp Seed Oil

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Maximizes scalp health and improves hair quality.

For all ethnicities and hair types


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Tricomax™ Revitalizing Shampoo is the perfect solution for those seeking healthier and stronger hair. This specially formulated shampoo utilizes a blend of key ingredients, including pure hemp seed oil, to optimize scalp health by removing sebum and DHT from the scalp while nourishing, moisturizing, and improving overall hair quality. By using Tricomax™ Revitalizing Shampoo regularly, your hair will look lustrous and thicker after just a few applications.

The formula combines powerful active ingredients with special herbal extracts to cleanse the scalp of excess sebum, helping to improve scalp health and promote hair growth. Plus, its deep-cleansing action removes build ups from the environment and styling products that can interfere with healthy scalps functions.

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Exclusive Formula

Our exclusive formula is designed to gently clean the scalp while removing sebum and DHT from the skin surface. The key bioactive nutrients found in this shampoo nourish, moisturize and improve the hair and scalp, creating an ideal environment for hair growth quality.

Part of Tricomax™ Hair Management System

TricoMax™ Revitalizing Shampoo works great as part of our Tricomax™ Hair Management System to help individuals achieve their desired look. With regular use of this revitalizing shampoo, not only can you remove impurities but also make sure essential nutrients are there to support scalp health as well as promote healthier locks that last longer. Give your head of hair the proper TLC it deserves!

Take advantage of Tricomax™ Revitalizing Shampoo as part of the Tricomax™ Hair Management System to experience on-going revitalization for your hair that promotes long-term thickening and strengthening results. Give your locks a boost of strength with this professional-grade formula that gives you noticeably vibrant hair in just weeks!

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Aqua, Pure Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Essential Oil (Lavandula officinalis), Decyl Glucoside, Lauryl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa repens), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice Powder, Linalool, Caffeine, Citric Acid, Benzoic Acid, Dehydroacetic Acid

Directions to Use

Directions to Use

Apply to wet hair and work into lather.

Gently massage into the scalp and leave-in for 1-2 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly and repeat if needed.

Use once daily.

Caution: Avoid eye contact. Keep away from children.

What to expect?

What to expect?

With regular use you can expect the following exciting results:

  • Removes residue from the hair
  • Protect and restore damaged or thinning hair
  • Stimulates the scalp to promote healthy growth and hair
  • bring shine and vitality to each and every strand.
  • Works for both men and women

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1 review for Tricomax™ Revitalizing Shampoo with Pure Hemp Seed Oil

  1. David Angeles

    Really happy with the results. I was so worried about my hair as I was losing a lot of them lately. But then I started using this shampoo and the situation started getting better with each day.

    Thank you International Hair Authority.

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